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Aluinfos and News

Aleris: New alloy for aviation

15.09.14 Using so-called drop-in solutions, aircraft manufacturers are trying to make model ranges which have already been successfully introduced even lighter and more efficient, without having to make in-depth and expensive changes to the existing construction.

ALUMINIUM 2014: GDA-Aluminium Talk and Aluminium Conference

08.09.14 The GDA has set an attractive programme, comprising presentations on special subjects from the “Aluminium Conference” and expert discussions at “Aluminium Talk" and an opportunity to exchange views at various branch events.

Featured Products

European Aluminium Congress 2013 - Congress proceedings

The 400 pages containing the presentations which are held during the two days, a list of keynote speakers, chairmen and participants.

GDA Knowledge DVDs

GDA has produced two teaching DVDs about aluminium in co-operation with MedienLB, Munich, the producer of media for curricula and standards of education. Both DVDs are available in German, English and Turkish.