Aluminium-Werke Wutöschingen investing in expansion of its Hochrhein plant

Aluminium-Werke Wutöschingen (AWW) has launched an extensive investment programme to expand its plant in the Wutach valley and secure the site’s future.

Photo (from left): Paul Happle (management production extruded products), Heiko Maier (managing board), Frank Aehlen (chairman), Thomas Jehle (leading factory planning/maintenance), Georg Eble (mayor Wutöschingen), Ferhat Orak (work counsil)

Over 20 million euros will have been invested in the first stage of the expansion when the planned commissioning is carried out in the fourth quarter of 2020; it includes a new logistics centre for the system-components production plant and the installation of a new 12-inch extrusion line with a press rating of 45 meganewtons (MN) within a newly constructed central extrusion plant. According to AWW’s CEO Frank Aehlen, the new extrusion plant will be the hub and set the pace for the integrated plant network in future. The new plant layout will enable AWW to leverage synergies and further optimise internal logistics processes.

Frank Aehlen explains that the goal of the medium-sized, fifth-generation, family-run company is to complete a quantum leap to an integrated, ultra-modern aluminium plant by 2025. “The company is taking its commitment to sustainable, resource-saving production at the site to the next level with the large-scale AWW 2025 project and at a time of economic downturn – and entirely in keeping with the spirit of sustainable economic activity – is making a further, strong commitment to Germany and Wutöschingen as business locations.”

“The forward-looking investment in a new extrusion line and in the expansion of our processing and logistics capacities means that in future we will be even better able to provide our customers with high-quality, sustainably innovative aluminium solutions from a single source,” he continues. The use of ultra-modern, energy-efficient production technologies reduces the in-house use of resources and opens up new opportunities for material-optimised lightweight construction solutions for AWW’s customers, especially by increasing significantly the specific press force and the spectrum of alloys that can be extruded.

Sustainable management brings significant benefits for AWW, its customers and the environment, emphasizes the CEO: “Aluminium is an eco-friendly material that can be recycled indefinitely with almost no loss in quality and is therefore part of the solution to the problem". AWW has continuously expanded the recycling capability of its in-house foundries. With the AWW 2025 investment programme, the company is rigorously pursuing its strategy of further increasing its real net output ratio and closing material loops both locally and to customers via the shortest possible route.