Aluminium encyclopaedia

High-purity aluminium alloys

"High-purity aluminium alloy" is the term used to describe an alloy with an aluminium content between 99.0 and 99.9 weight per cent, which corresponds to a high degree of purity (its aluminium content is actually equivalent to that of unalloyed aluminium). The alloy can contain between 0.1 and 1.0 weight per cent of alloying elements and/or impurities. The material designation for high-purity aluminium alloys is the chemical symbol for aluminium, Al, followed by its composition in per cent, for example EN AW-Al 99,5; an alternative designation is EN AW"1050A. It is also possible to have refined-aluminium alloys, with a minimum aluminium content 99.9 weight per cent; these are often denoted with an additional letter "R".

Unalloyed aluminium has the following properties:

  • Aluminium can be easily worked because of its low strength and it is therefore suitable for many applications, especially for strip and foil.
  •  Use is made of the high corrosion resistance in the chemical industry for containers and pipework.
  • Electronics and electrical engineering profits from the material"s good conductivity for electricity and heat.