Aluminium encyclopaedia

Mechanical engineering

The field of mechanical engineering and the manufacture of industrial equipment is an important branch of industry in every industrialised country. In Europe it is an important market for aluminium accounting for about 14 per cent of the metal"s use. The easy processability of aluminium using shape cutting, plastic forming and casting leads to considerable cost savings and thus to greater economic efficiency compared with other materials. However, the reason for using aluminium is often other properties like low specific weight, relatively high strength, good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity or non-magnetisability. A selection of applications:

  • in the manufacture of industrial equipment, vessels, pipework and pumps for many branches of industry, especially for the chemical industry
  • devices for automatic manufacturing
  • base and steering plates in precision engineering
  • cages and cable pulleys of winding engines
  • in air conditioning technology, for example heat exchangers
  • in the paper and printing industry
  • in robotics, for example gripper arms
  • in packaging machines
  • in toolmaking and mould making.