GDA offers a comprehensive range of information and in many cases this is free of charge. Here you will find an overview of all items available, either downloadable or orderable in paper form.

Technical information

The GDA’s ‘Technical Informations’ and special publications are application-oriented and help the user to solve problems by providing specialist technical information. The technical publications are a practical aid for technicians and engineers.


We offer up-to-date brochures and books covering all aspects of aluminium. You can download these as a PDF or order a printed copy. Amongst other things, they give a comprehensive insight into the extraction, metallurgy, machining and processing, and use of aluminium as a metal.


Fact sheets

Current fact sheets from GDA covering various topics relating to aluminium can be found below. Amongst other things they include information on aluminium packaging (aluminium cans, bottles and foil) and bauxite.


Resource efficiency of aluminium

Here you will find a number of current GDA publications regarding the resource efficiency of aluminium. The documents can be downloaded free of charge.


GDA annual reports

With its guiding theme ‘ALUMINIUM – Working Environments of the Future’, GDA’s ‘Annual Report 2018’ wants to stimulate debate on how the digital transformation of companies will change employment in the aluminium sector and documents the focus of the association’s work. In guest articles, experts from the aluminium and customer industries explain how one can bring about market changes and shape the future using aluminium. Annual reports going back to 2004 can be downloaded.



GDA has produced two DVDs containing information on aluminium in cooperation with Munich-based Medien LB, which produces media for curricula and standards of education. Both DVDs, ‘Aluminium I’ and ‘Aluminium II’, are available in German, English or Turkish.


The aluminium logo

The aluminium logo stands for high quality and recyclability. Support this unique material’s positive image and use the worldwide-established logo for aluminium and aluminium recycling in your company’s communications.

The aluminium logo is protected by copyright. It is possible to obtain a licence for unlimited simple use of the logo.

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