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The most beautiful fashion houses in the world wear Hueck

Two designer buildings, whose facades were realized employing solutions from Hueck, were judged by the World Retail Congress this year as the most beautiful store designs in the world. Excellent design in North Rhine-Westphalia and Great architecture in Bavaria.


Cylinder head reconstruction for Porsche legends

These days, anyone who owns a legendary Porsche 550 Spider, 904 or 356 Carrera can count himself lucky. The value of these vehicles has increased tremendously in recent years. However, special parts such as cylinder heads are unfortunately not available anymore.


New look for aluminium roofs

Whether for facades or roofing, for years metal has been the tried and tested material which architects and planners have depended on. Coloured aluminium in particular is often used for innovative and modern building cladding. These aluminium shingles obtain their new, attractive look from a special textured paint.



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