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Int. Aluminium-Pressure Die Casting Competition 2016
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International Aluminium Pressure Die-Casting Competition 2016

Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V. (GDA) has organised a competition for aluminium die-castings for the second time. It was partnered by the German Foundrymen's Association (Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie e.V., BDG). The Austrian Economic Chambers (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, WKO) and the Swiss aluminium association alu.ch also supported the competition.

A highly qualified panel of experts from research and industry chose the winning entries. Prizes were awarded to three castings (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and there were special commendations for three others.

The winners of the International Aluminium Pressure Die-casting Competition will be announced at the opening ceremony of EUROGUSS 2016 (12-14 January 2016 in Nuremberg), where they will be presented with a certificate.

The prize-winning castings will be on display in Hall 6 at the EUROGUSS 2016 fair (BDG stand 6-428) and one can also see them this year at the ALUMINIUM 2016 trade fair in Düsseldorf (29 November – 1 December).

The six winners are:

1st Prize

Part of an oil-coolant assembly for medium-duty commercial-vehicle engines
Hengst SE & Co. KG, Nordwalde
tl_files/_media/content/img/Druckgusswettbewerb 2016/DGW_2016_P1.jpgThe first prize was awarded to a part containing a large number of integrated functions, which was achieved by means of a highly complex die concept. It includes gating via a slide, slide-in-slide technique and an underfloor slide with locking. Other distinguishing features of the finished cast component are a sealing groove and a required flatness of 200 ?m. In addition, the component has to meet very stringent cleanliness requirements and exhibit tightness at oil pressures in excess of 50 bar. Here, die-casting contributes to increasing the payload of commercial vehicles by use of intelligent applications.

Dimensions: L 254 mm, W 220 mm, H 303 mm
Weight: 3996 g
Alloy: EN AC-Al Si9Cu3(Fe)

2nd Prize

Upper and lower XNF parts for a car battery case
Georg Fischer Druckguss GmbH, Herzogenburg
tl_files/_media/content/img/Druckgusswettbewerb 2016/DGW_2016_P2.jpgThe second prize was awarded to this large-surface, ready-to-install cast battery case. The jury rated the tight tolerances achieved and the fact that the mechanical properties needed to satisfy the crash requirements were achieved without heat treatment. Due to the long flow paths, the die temperature control is designed so that the gating area is cooled and the areas that are to be filled last are heated. This casting is a vivid example of the importance of die-casting technology in electromobility.

Dimensions: L 781 mm (upper part), 774 mm (lower part)
W 508 mm (upper part), 581 mm (lower part)
H 115 mm (upper part), 177 mm (lower part)
Weight: 6400 g (upper part), 9140 g (lower part)
Alloy: EN AC-Al Si10MnMg

3rd Prize

Switch housing for a truck gearbox
DGS Druckguss Systeme s.r.o., Liberec
tl_files/_media/content/img/Druckgusswettbewerb 2016/DGW_2016_P3.jpgThe design requirements make this a complex component that can only be produced using a slide-in-slide die design. It was awarded the third prize because of the very high wall thicknesses, which are atypical for pressure die-casting and are achieved using two squeezers of different diameters. When in use, the component will be subjected to a pressure of 10 bar; it has a low pore density and is pressure-tight. The limits for utilising the die-casing process are thus utilised here to the full.

Dimensions:  L 250 mm, W 170 mm,  H 115 mm
Weight: 1785 g
Alloy: EN AC-Al Si10Mg(Fe)

Special Commendation:

Components of a water pump assembly for a petrol engine
Druckguss Westfalen GmbH & Co. KG, Geseke
tl_files/_media/content/img/Druckgusswettbewerb 2016/DGW_2016_A1.jpgThis casting fulfils more stringent requirements with respect to porosity, which is kept to an absolute minimum throughout the whole component. The casting received a special recommendation for the systematic, methodical approach to designing the die. The integration of various functions and the weight reduction due to the compact design mean the component contributes to the energy efficiency of vehicles.

Dimensions: L 110 mm, W  92 mm, H 73 mm
Weight: 260 g
Alloy: EN AC-Al Si9Cu3

Special Commendation:

Photovoltaic blade
Austria Druckguss GmbH & Co. KG, Gleisdorf
tl_files/_media/content/img/Druckgusswettbewerb 2016/DGW_2016_A2.jpgThis casting is required for a free-standing, innovative photovoltaic unit that is subjected to very high wind forces. The application demonstrates the potential of die-casting for the structural components needed in the alternative generation of power. The judges recognised this and therefore awarded the casting a special commendation.

Dimensions: L 564 mm, W 450 mm, H  52 mm
Weight: 3960 g
Alloy: EN AC-Al Si10MnMg

Special Commendation:

Valve body for truck trailer
G.A. Röders GmbH & Co. KG, Soltau
tl_files/_media/content/img/Druckgusswettbewerb 2016/DGW_2016_A3.jpgThe demands made on the casting were fulfilled here using innovative die concepts. A weight saving was achieved thanks to the co-operation between the foundry and the designer and a contribution was thus made to energy efficiency. It enabled the casting to assert itself against competition from an injection-moulded plastic part. The judges there gave it a special commendation.

Dimensions: L 170 mm, W 84 mm, H 112 mm
Weight: 1059 g   
Alloy: EN AC-Al Si12Cu1(Fe)
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