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Economic activity resilient in the area of aluminium

Mood dampened by uncertainty / growth momentum ebbs

16.11.11 - 
Following the encouraging 1st half-year of 2011, growth momentum in the German aluminium industry in the 3rd quarter has seen a slowdown. Nevertheless, compared to the previous year, it was still possible to expand production in all areas. Andreas Postler, who is responsible for the area of market analysis and statistics at the Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie (GDA), Düsseldorf, expects continued stable development for the year as a whole on the high level of the previous year. “For 2011 as a whole we are confident that it will be possible to maintain the levels of the previous year, even if the gloomy mood at the moment leads to further weakening in the 4th quarter. German manufacturers are well positioned among the international competition, and have considerable advantages in terms of specialization,” said Andreas Postler.

From January to September 2011 the production of raw aluminium rose slightly to 757,689 tonnes. While output quantity of secondary aluminium smelters declined by 7 per cent to 432,342 tonnes, at 11 per cent, production of primary aluminium producers rose during the same period.

In the first three quarters of 2011 it was possible to increase production of semi-finished products made of aluminium by 1% to 1,890,826 tonnes, compared to the same quarters of the previous year.

In the area of aluminium finishing it was also possible to outdo production volume of the previous year. All areas (foils and thin strips/ tubes, aerosol and beverage cans/ metal powder) recorded increases here. In the area of metal powder growth was above average.

“Concerning this positive development it should not be forgotten that the general level of risk in economic activity for the 4th quarter has risen noticeably,“ said GDA economist, Andreas Postler.  This becomes evident especially in the mood indicators. Here, the expectation aspect has worsened considerably over recent months. “Despite this, in terms of the final figures for 2011, the GDA is still expecting satisfactory results,“ continued Postler.

“Should a political solution be found that satisfies the markets on the subject of European national debt, it would give a strong lift to business expectations for the coming year. Together with basic positive developments in key markets of the aluminium industry, this would represent a solid foundation for continued growth in the coming year,“ commented GDA Managing Director, Christian Wellner, referring to the outlook for the coming twelve months.

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Dr. Andreas Postler
Markt und Statistik
Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V.
Telefon: 02 11 - 47 96 118
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