We offer up-to-date brochures and books covering all aspects of aluminium. You can download these as a PDF or order a printed copy. Amongst other things, they give a comprehensive insight into the extraction, metallurgy, machining and processing, and use of aluminium as a metal.

Aluminium everywhere!

This special brochure aims to facilitate and encourage dealing with the light metal as a subject at schools and vocational training centres.


Aluminium in the Packaging Industry - Production, Use, Recycling (2017)

Thus about eleven per cent of the total production of the aluminium industry is used in the packaging sector, making it the third largest market for aluminium products in Germany.


Well packed – GDA packaging brochure

Aluminium - Its History has shaped ours


Planning for the Future – Building with Aluminium

Green building – more than just a roof over one’s head


The DGNB Certificate - Recycling for Future Generations

The DGNB Certificate has many advantages for construction work clients and users of building.