Aluminium encyclopaedia


In contrast to semi-finished products (products between raw materials and finished products, for example sheet and profiles) aluminium products refer to such products or parts that do not require any further processing. Thanks to a broad range of beneficial properties, they are to be found in almost all fields of technology and everyday life. They can be listed under a large number of areas of aluminium use (alphabetically):

  • printing plates for lithographic applications
  • electronics, for example hard discs, housings for mobile phone
  • electrical engineering, such as cables and busbars
  • household articles and equipment like garlic presses, pans
  • building construction, for example windows, doors, façades, solar shading and roofing
  • civil engineering, such as bridges, scaffolding
  • air conditioning technology, for example heat exchangers, radiators
  • mechanical engineering, like engine parts, casings, plate, profiles for machining centres
  • furniture and interior decoration
  • steel production, granules for deoxidation
  • transport technology, for example shipbuilding, rail vehicles, cable cars and road vehicles
  • packaging, especially for foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products
  • miscellaneous applications including aluminium paint and sports equipment (for example bicycles and goalposts).

Most products have a long utilisation period, which in the case of building construction, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering can be several decades; in the case of packaging it can range from a few days to several years.